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Bunker - Konjic, BA [09-05-2015]

This 6500 square meter bunker was one of the most expensive structures in the former Yugoslavia. It took 26 years to build (from 1953 to 1979) and it was designed to withstand nuclear war and shelter communist leaders and army generals. Its air conditioning system, power generator, toalets etc are still working and the water container cistern is filled with fresh water. You know, just in case…

Once it was the best kept secret in Yugoslavia only very few people knew about its existence not to mention the whereabouts. The bunker still isn’t easy to access. The entrance lies behind a nondescript garage door of a remote house at the end of a lonely road east of the town of Konjic, 40 kilometers south of Sarajevo and you must ask for a special approval from the Ministry of Defence to enter the area.

​hardware: Nikon J1, 10-30mm, 30-110mm // software: Adobe Lightroom